Zurich's biggest photography art walk


Posted on Apr 2

A centre stage for photographers! In an industrial-looking building, on the main floor, you will always find a carefully curated photo exhibition of a well know photographer (where the photographs can be purchased) but just as interesting is the 3rd floor where the PHOTOBASTEI rents at a reasonable price exhibition space to local photographers in order for them to have an opportunity to show their work.

Also worth mentioning is the cool bar and café where they often feature live music and last but not least the cute French bulldog Bubu who always circles amongst the visitors.

www.photobastei.ch - Sihlquai 125
  • Tue/Wed 12.00 - 9.00pm,
  • Thur/Fri/Sat 12.00am - 12.00pm,
  • Sund 12.00 am - 6.00pm

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