Digital Art Installation on Bahnhofstrasse


Posted on Mar 22

Bahnhofstrasse 66 was from 1927 to 2012 the flagship store of BALLY. The house was designed by the Zurich Architects Häfeli, Moser & Steiger and the eye-catcher of the building were 5 balls attached to side of it with the logo of Bally.

When “Zara” moved their store into the building, the city of Zurich decided that the building (including the 5 balls) - which is protected by Swiss Heritage  Society - should still be adorned by the 5  BALLY balls.

For obvious reasons Zara was not  keen of having a name of a different brand on building of their Zurich flagship store. A solution was found: the 5 original Bally balls are stored and have been replaced by 5 balls that display by led lights a variation of 564 words, such as urban, story, theme etc.

The words are not allowed to display any advertisement, brands, political propaganda and were created by the Zurich company WBG.

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