Hamam a wonderful place to relax


Posted on Dec 1

The Hamam is an incredibly important part of the oriental culture where you follow in long rituals for cleansing the body until the skin glows. The two Hamams in Zurich are the perfect place to escape a cold, rainy day.  As soon as you enter the Hamam Münstergasse you leave Zurich behind and think yourself in Morocco. There is no need to bring a bathing suit, you will be  provided with a  “pestemal” (a cotton cloth) that you  wrap around your naked body - kind of like the Romans used to do. You will then follow a ritual that takes you the various steam bath, rain forest shower or the cleansing station an in the end you can sip complimentary mint tea and relax in the Camekan. The entrance fee without massage CHF 43.00.

The newly opened Hamam Basar in Seefeld is located in the very nice Patumbah park, it has different opening hours for men and women and also hosts a Vegan Restaurant. The entrance fee is CHF 48.00 and includes the savon noir and Rhassoul the clay rich in nutrients that is a perfect tonic treatment for your entire body. https://www.hammambasar.ch/

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